Acupuncture uses fine needles placed in specific points on the body to support your biological systems and balance your body.  Each person coming to see Dr. Meghan has a completely unique Chinese Medicine diagnosis and points are selected based on symptom presentation and illness patterns.  There are over 400 acupuncture points on your body!

Manual Point Stimulation

Not a fan of needles?  Dr. Meghan can stimulate acupuncture points with her hands.  She also uses specific essential oils depending on your illness presentation and the herbal properties of the oils.  This is one of the techniques Dr. Meghan utilizes in pediatric cases and is very effective in treating children.

Electronic Point Stimulation

Dr. Meghan uses electrical stimulation to support her acupuncture care. Sometimes, the stimulation goes directly to the needle, which sort of feels like a subtle tapping. Electronic point stimulation can also be used as an alternative to needles, which Dr. Meghan commonly uses for pediatric patients.