Cosmetic Acupuncture

Every Wild Thistle Cosmetic Acupuncture appointment is offered in five steps: One, addressing individual health and wellness concerns. Two, addressing the aging of the muscles. Three, addressing the aging of the skin. Four, the use of exquisite Chinese Herbal skin care products. Five, a quick pass of the gua sha stone to soothe the area. Cosmetic acupuncture is the unparalleled blending of health and clean beauty. If you’re thrilled to try this unique and wonderful skin care regime, please start by scheduling a New Patient Appointment with Dr. Meghan.

Wild Refresh

The Wild Refresh is an individual acupuncture facial recommended one to two times monthly for prevention of fine lines and wrinkles, reduced rate of skin aging, or just to spruce your face for a little extra glow.  The treatment is ideal for individuals 20-45 years of age as preventative medicine, self-care, and relaxation, or those 40-75 after the Wild Revive protocol for maintenance and upkeep.  

Wild Revive

The Wild Revive is a 5 or 10 week protocol utilizing the Wild Refresh technique. It’s ideal for individuals seeking more drastic anti-aging results or those with more severe skin concerns.

Facial Gua Sha

Our Wild Thistle Gua Sha facials offer three amazing keys to ideal skin care. One, traditional facial cupping to optimize lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness of the eyes and face. Two, traditional Chinese gua sha technique to further boost lymphatic drainage, sculpt, define, and relax the muscles of the face while drastically increasing microcirculation. Third, H2a’s award winning organic, herbal, and stone infused products made right here in Fort Collins and offered at spas such as The Four Seasons and the Ritz Carlton. They’ve even been featured in Vogue! Our gua sha facials are the ultimate in facial bliss and clean beauty.

Wild Renew

The Wild Renew is our most “traditional” facial. Your face will be cleansed, steamed, masked, and most importantly blissed out with our gua sha stone boasting over 40 trace minerals. We recommend this facial one to two times per month, or at minimum with the changes of the seasons.

Wild Restore

The Wild Restore is our 5 or 10 week gua sha protocol utilizing the Wild Renew or Wild Rejuvenate facial (with micro-current). This program is ideal for individuals seeking more drastic results.

Wild Rejuvenate

The Wild Rejuvenate is a one-time, Wild Renew facial only stepped up a notch! You can choose one of the two following options as an add-on

Micro-current and Light Therapy- Ideal for fine lines and wrinkles


Dermaplaning- Ideal for poor skin texture and added exfoliation

Want to try them both?!

Wild Reclaim

The Wild Reclaim is a 5 or 10 week program combining both of these ancient and effective options. We’re all about health AND beauty, so we didn’t want you to have to choose between gua sha or acupuncture! You can have them both. That’s what Wild Thistle is all about. The Wild Reclaim allows you five acupuncture facials and five gua sha facials on an alternating schedule. We’ll boost collagen production, blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and that glorious glow factor.

Programs must be completed in 10 or fewer weeks to qualify for discount prices.

We do not recommend any of our cosmetic services to individuals who receive derma fillers, Botox, or other injectables.

At this time, Balanced Thistle does not accept insurance. If you’re eligible for reimbursement for acupuncture, we only provide superbills for wellness only acupuncture, not our cosmetic services. We appreciate your understanding.