Our Services

Thanks for dropping in to take a peek at what we offer. Listed below are the descriptions of our services, the approximate appointment time, and the cost of care.   If you’re booking acupuncture, please be sure to first schedule a New Patient Appointment before moving forward with cosmetic or wellness specific appointments. If you’re booking a Gua Sha Facial, a New Patient Appointment is not required.

Appointments canceled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged a $25 cancellation fee. We appreciate your understanding.


New Patient Appointment

This initial appointment includes a full health history, Traditional Chinese Medicine tongue and pulse diagnosis, and full body treatment.  If you're interested in Wild Thistle cosmetic care, this appointment is an essential first-step to see if you're a good candidate for this natural skincare regime.

60-90 minutes


Balanced Thistle Wellness Acupuncture

Before scheduling a wellness appointment be sure to book a New Patient appointment. Then you’ll be on your way! During your first appointment Dr. Meghan will discuss a treatment plan ideal for you and your health concerns. Acupuncture is health maintenance and preventative medicine, and relief of symptoms rarely occurs with just one appointment.  Whether your condition will respond best to a handful of treatments over two weeks, or less frequent over a longer period of time, we'll get you lined up with a plan of action for optimal care.

40-60 minutes


Wild Thistle Cosmetic Acupuncture

Please schedule a New Patient Appointment with Dr. Meghan in order to discuss your wellness and skin care goals. There are some conditions that might prevent you from being a candidate for cosmetic acupuncture which we’ll discuss at your initial appointment. This is the appointment you’ll book whether you’re scheduling a one-time acupuncture facial or a series of acupuncture facials.

60-90 minutes


Wild Revive Package of 10 for $1200 (Save $100)

Wild Renew Gua Sha Facial

Our most traditional gua sha facial, no New Patient Appointment necessary! We do not recommend this facial to individuals with active injections or fillers.

60 minutes


Wild Restore package of 10 for $850 (Save $100)

Wild Rejuvenate Gua Sha Facial

Our traditional gua sha facial with additional micro-current and red light therapy -or- dermaplaning! We do not recommend this facial to individuals with active injections or fillers.

90 minutes


Wild Restore Package (with micro-current) of 10 for $1050 (Save $100)

Wild Reclaim Acupuncture and Gua Sha

Our combination of cosmetic acupuncture and gua sha! This program utilizes the basic Wild Renew facial without red light, micro-current, or dermaplaning. Your first step in this program is to book a New Patient Appointment with Dr. Meghan to discuss your health and beauty goals!

60-90 minutes

Package of 10 for $1,000 (Save $125)

Cupping Only

A cupping only appointment involves no needles! Cupping is a traditional Chinese medicine tool to help increase circulation, relax muscle tension, break up fascial adhesions, and help the body work through certain types of pain. Dr. Meghan uses traditional fire cupping techniques, including both still and moving cupping, in combination with herbal massage creams and oils in order to bliss out your muscles!

20-30 minutes


At this time Balanced Thistle does not accept insurance. We would be more than happy to create an itemized receipt or super bill (for wellness care only) for you submit to your insurance company if they offer reimbursement. Just ask!