Balance in Mind, Body, Spirit. Health and Beauty. Eastern and Western.  Yin and Yang.


About Us


Balanced Thistle offers traditional wellness acupuncture tailored to your specific health concerns.  We also offer wellness care in combination with cosmetic acupuncture.  Dr. Meghan, DACM, L.Ac., is a Colorado native, a wildflower fanatic, and a lover of natural health.  Balanced Thistle is all those things wrapped up into one happy, healthy, beautiful package.

What We Treat


Chinese Medicine is whole body medicine.  What does that mean?  Mind, body, spirit.  At Balanced Thistle we use acupuncture, herbal medicine, touch therapy, and nutrition to treat your health concerns in a natural, wholistic way.  Whether you’re concerned about digestive issues, fertility, headaches, or even wrinkles, let's see what we can do to help you with your health goals.

Our Wild Side


Wild Thistle Cosmetic care asks the question- Who says we should have to chose between health and beauty?  Why can't we have both?  We can.  Interested in all natural skin care that doesn't include botox, injectables, or lasers?  Balanced Thistle has an array of cosmetic options to help you towards being Beautifully Healthy from the inside out.  We know, it's a pretty wild idea, isn't it?


Dr. Meghan has a great presence and is always positive during treatments. She works hard and is enthusiastic about learning and making sure that each patient gets the help they need.
— Bryn
I went to Balanced Thistle feeling like I could be living in a better body than I was, Dr. Meghan assured me this was true! I had been experiencing symptoms of PMS throughout the whole month with my period being the relief. Meghan is so knowledgable and helpful!
— Amelia