Take Home

Balanced Thistle carries an array of healthy options for you to bring home! We carry a blend of super foods that make an excellent addition to smoothies and shakes. We also carry some flavored Chinese Medicine teas that are great to have in your purse or cupboard when you just need a small hand. Lastly, we carry two brands of “coffee herbs.” Coffee herbs are single herbs that mix right into your morning beverage. These are simple stress herbs and digestive tonics. Not sure which one to snag? Dr. Meghan is happy to help you chose the right fit for you!

Personalized Prescription

Depending on your personal health concerns and Chinese Medicine diagnosis, an herbal prescription or nutraceutical recommendation might be made. These prescriptions are made with an appointment only.

LOCAL Skin Care

Balanced Thistle carries three incredible skin care lines all made in Colorado. ALL of them!

Our flagship product is H2a Botanicals, consciously curated right here in Fort Collins, Colorado. These organic, herbal skin care products are charged with various stones and gems to amplify how amazing they are. This line is used in all our gua sha facials and offered in other spas including as the Four Seasons and the Ritz-Carlton.

We also carry two more lines made by local acupuncturists. Not sure which one to try? We’re happy to help you choose!